vertizart (vertizart) wrote in lit4adults,

Some help if I may be so bold to ask...

As I am new to this Live Journal business, you must forgive me if I make a glaringly embarrassing faux pas, it's not my intention, I assure you.

I first must apologise if you read this elswhere, as it is cross-posted in other communities. For I am in a state of desperation.

If any of you reading this are teachers yourself, or have written or are writing a thesis/dissertation, I find I must beg of your help.

I am involved in a course that has recently implemented a thesis/dissertation trial. We are marked as if it were as important as the 'real thing' etc. However, the only thing missing is the luxury of time. I have 2 months in which to write the 10,000 words, and I now have a month and a half left. I have an incredibly broad scope to choose from - anything that I can justifiably relate to the writing sphere. I am not begging for ideas. I fully intend on coming to that realisation myself. Once I have my starting point I .know. that I am capable of achieving this goal. The problem I face is how to go about reaching the topic. It seems everything I come up with would be a wonderful essay. But I do not think that the ideas are original enough to be classed as 'Thesis worthy'. They are observations, not difinative beliefs.

Due to unfortunate circumstance (there is no malice involved, however)I find that I am not recieving the help that the other students are. My teacher has packed me away in a box believing I am fully capable of doing this on my own. So I have had to go over her head to get advice, and I was hoping someone out there in the big wide web may be able to point me in the right direction.

If anyone has any tips on how to go about beginning this creature, I would be most grateful. I feel as if I am tearing out my hair trying to work this out on my own. If someone could please point me in the right direction, either from their own experience or some useful sources you have come across it would help a great deal. I have looked up the definition and found a book that briefly mentions Dissertations, but I find that I am still at see.

I hope I am not breaking any rules here.
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